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In the summer of 2010, I found myself living in a cozy London neighborhood, working for my employer in an international capacity and in a relationship with a loving man. Here is the hitch. I was miserable. And I was burnt out. On the surface, I had a pretty sweet thing going but I was emotionally, professionally and personally unfulfilled and I’d had enough. Years of a hectic pace, feeling a bit stagnant in life and constantly being “busy,” I was beginning to believe my own repeating thoughts that “this is just how life is.” But I wasn’t totally lost.

Despite this frenetic pace and discontent, there was something I really loved. I’d always felt a calling to “helping” others but was unsure how to express this outside of my corporate Human Resources roles in Fortune 500 companies. Then I found coaching.

My professional training as a coach has gone far beyond the classroom…I’ve searched high and low for answers to life’s greatest questions. My journey brought me to amazing places and allowed me to connect with fascinating people all over the globe! I found myself road tripping alone in a borrowed car across the US with no real agenda, traveling to Lanzarote to work with a breath coach to finally learn to breathe, doing the Tony Robbins “fire walk” after he personally coached me in front of 5000 + people, climbing mountains for 4 days till reaching Machu Picchu, getting lost on a casual “hike” in a Moroccan forest, purging with strangers in 100+ degree heat in a sweat lodge in Tulum, Mexico, and the list goes on.

Each of these experiences brought me adventure, fun(!) and excitement, but they didn’t really answer my greatest questions. I later learned, I was already carrying them around with me! And I learned this by working directly with my own coach and mentor. Now, I share this experience, along with my professional training as a coach and 15 + years of corporate experience in HR & Diversity with my clients, by shining a light on what’s possible for them.

Most of my adult life has been lived in New York City followed by stints in London, Houston and Rome.  I now find myself, once more, living as an expat, but this time in Dublin, Ireland, with my husband and baby son. Follow my journey in pictures via Instagram!

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