“My work with Dina was not only inspiring and thought provoking, it was also actionable. I laughed, cried, and most importantly, changed as result of our work together. As a gay African-American male working with only a few colleagues who looked like me, Dina ignited a fire in me that allowed me to play and excel at the game with authenticity.”

Thomas J. – Los Angeles, California


“My experience with Dina as my executive coach has been instrumental to both my career and personal life. As a very career focused individual in a high paced work environment, I began to question whether I was on the right career path. Dina helped me uncover what I was passionate about in my life that translated in my career. She challenged me to face the parts of my job and life that seemed daunting to me, which inevitably helped alleviate the doubts I had about my job. During our sessions, I was reminded of what I needed out of my life and job to help fuel my motivation. As a result, my outlook on my life and job had changed. Coming into the coaching sessions, I knew there were areas I could strengthen and work on. She made it a point to address what was impacting me and to incorporate my goals into each session. Therefore my time spent with her was utilized to its fullest potential. As a result of my coaching sessions with her, I feel very in-control of my career growth without losing focus of my personal life. I eagerly anticipated our sessions because I knew I would leave with concrete actions that would assuredly promise success.”

Catherine Tran – Boston, Massachusetts


“I had the pleasure of working with Dina as an Executive Coach while she was with PwC in Houston. During this period I had recently returning to the US after spending 5 years working abroad in the UK. Dina is a thoughtful and insightful coach whom is able to quickly get to the heart of challenges, analyze the situation, and discuss solutions. Her coaching allowed for a successful transition back to the US both personally and professionally.

I would strongly recommend Dina as an Executive Coach for those that have or will go through an expat assignment.”

Bryan Coleman – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


“Dina is a pleasure to work with and I have found her insight and honest assessments to be very helpful and enormously productive as she has helped me overcome some several self-limiting beliefs that were slowing down my career development.

I would confidently recommend her as a coach to anyone with an interest in their personal or professional development.”

Pascal Dalton – Houston, Texas