One to One Sessions

Working via phone, we discover what’s important to you and unlock what’s stopping you from living the life of your dreams. Click here to schedule a complimentary session.


Group Sessions

I’ve seen clients have amazing insights in small group coaching settings, simply by hearing another’s story. Not only is group coaching amazing development, it’s also a cost efficient option (half the cost of individual coaching).



I’ve had the opportunity to attend and work at leadership and coaching retreats in various locations, from a 5 star resort in California, to a tiny Manhattan studio, yet each were unique and beneficial in their own way. If you are interesting in designing or attending a coaching retreat, contact me directly.


Spot Coaching

Available for on the spot moments when you need to shift your perspective and get “unstuck” either via phone or via email.


Complimentary Session

If you find yourself toying with the idea of coaching, but are not 100% sure or simply have questions, schedule a complimentary sample session with me. You’ll get a chance to experience my coaching first hand and have all your questions answered. Click here to contact me for a complimentary session.