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one to one coaching

Working via phone and in person (where possible), we discover what’s important to you and unlock what’s stopping you from living the life of your dreams.


Sessions last 60 minutes.


Individual and corporate coaching bundles available.

group coaching

Clients have powerful insights in small group coaching settings, simply by hearing another’s story.


Not only is group coaching effective in advancing personal development, it’s also cost efficient (half the cost of individual coaching).

Today's workforce is full of various cultures and generations working together. While this dynamic brings excitement to the workplace, it can also create challenges. I work with leaders and teams through Diversity and Cultural Awareness Workshops to move through these challenges. Together we will work to help you break through cultural barriers and acknowledge and celebrate differences, in order to best collaborate as a team to achieve your organizational goals.  


I've set up many women's networking groups designed to address and help women overcome gender bias in the workplace.


Using principles from Lean In Circles, topics include Building Confidence, addressing the Maternal Wall bias, Negotiation and more.


Consulting available for:

Diversity Initiatives and Programs, Talent Management Initiatives, Development of Coaching and Mentoring Programs, Identification of team goals / objectives, values and performance expectations. 


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